Tours of Gloucester Prison

Very interesting to see that tickets for the tours of Gloucester Prison taking place on 14 and 15 September as part of Gloucester History Festival have sold out already. I’ve got mine, but I’ve had to apply for a new passport so I have some up-to-date photographic ID to show at the prison. I wonder why it is deemed necessary to show photo ID, when the prison is empty? Never mind – still looking forward to it!


2 thoughts on “Tours of Gloucester Prison

  1. Hello, how on earth did you manage to secure tickets to view Gloucester Prison. I am convinced it was a con allowing only a `privileged` few access. I am truly disappointed as a real Gloucester history and city fan.
    In the meantime, love the books and look forward to your latest.
    Kind regards, Mark Johnson

    • Hello Mark. I read about the prison tours first via the Gloucester History Festival press release, and I was waiting for tickets to be released at Gloucester TIC on Monday Aug 12. Then on the evening of 8 Aug I was on Facebook and a posting came through from a page I “like” called “Gloucester”, saying tickets were actually available already on the Eventbrite website, so I went on that straight away and managed to get two tickets. The problem was (apparently) that the Ministry of Justice didn’t tell the Festival organisers that they were selling the tickets themselves, and had already put them on sale. I can assure you that I got tickets as a member of the public (I’m not exactly well known!), and I know of others who did the same. It was just luck that I happened to be on Facebook that evening. If I were you, I would keep visiting the Eventbrite website, as there are sure to be some returned tickets. The address is I’m so sorry that you and so many others have been disappointed. Perhaps we need to keep up the pressure to have more tours organised.
      I’m glad you like the books!

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